Urban Safari – The most modern and fun search “for the last … Puppet” !

Inspired by the video of the famous song, which in its time inspired a popular video game, this fun and challenging team-building activity involves the pursuit of some imaginative characters in a well-defined urban area, ready to shoot at the slightest sign of danger, to avoid getting caught by the Urban Hunters teams that, to make progress in their “big hunt”, must find as many of these characters as possible!

If you succeed in reaching them, you can activate the tests to be taken together with the character just “captured” to see your URBAN SAFARI team score and win the challenge with other teams. The tests to be carried out, like the caricatures and costumes to be worn by our fugitives, can be totally customised. With the last surprise a movie of the entire activity! !

All this while a flock of ferocious virtual “PAC-MEN” move around your zone in search of literally devouring the loot of hard-won points! Also, lucky for you, in the same area there are also “GOOD SPIRITS” going around your area, ready to supply you points…always if you know how to intercept them!

During your personal URBAN SAFARI, together with your team, you will have the means to discover new and original areas, carrying out the game, progressively solving a series of puzzles, finishing ability tests, shooting evocative photos, recording curious and emotional videos, and interacting with the population to transform yourselves into real and true “Urban Hunters”!!

After 30/45 minutes from the end of the activity we are able to project a short video with background music and special effects, with the best photos taken and videos made during the City Game, which will become an indelible memory of the activity and / or the visit to discover the locality involved in your URBAN SAFARI!

The URBAN SAFARI format has also been designed to combine leisure with the generation of working metaphors, necessary to improve team cohesion, to increase problem solving orientation and team spirit, as all participants are encouraged to give their best of themselves for the success of every single trial. 

URBAN SAFARI can be customized according to business needs with missions and itineraries that lead participants to perform activities with high metaphorical value. We are also able to organize a training de-briefing session with most experienced human resource trainers, aimed at spontaneously emerging (or guided) a first handbook with 5 things to put into practice immediately and 5 to be divested starting from the following day.
A small step towards a change in corporate behavior, knowing that even big feats always start with a small gesture.

Eventi Aziendali MiLANO organize: Kick-off & Incentive Meeting, Company Anniversary Celebrations, Teamwork Training sessions and experiential Team Building sessions. All our activities can be personalized and are original, fun and of great impact, also thanks to the experience gained in the use of Entertainment and Technology. We can develop also formats to help the interaction between participants and/or to improve communication via web and social, in the reference markets of our customers.

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